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Pathfinder Kingmaker Amiri Build Guide

Those who play the Amiri in Pathfinder often wonder if she can really tank the game. This build makes her a true tank, with athletics, knowledge of nature, and a huge bastard sword. In this guide, we’ll discuss some of the best ways to play this versatile character. Also, we’ll discuss how to use her unique abilities to deal with enemy archers and mages.

MC is a real tank in Pathfinder

The MC is a great choice for a character who needs a tank to deal with the many different threats a game can throw at them. The primary focus of a tank is to maximize the armor of the character. Having specific spell buffs available will allow the MC to deal with save-checking threats and maximize the damage output of his character. As long as you have the right equipment, however, your MC can easily survive many battles.

A MC build is a powerful, all-around class that doesn’t require too many skill points. You can adjust the offensive and defensive power, mobility, and combat reflexes to fit any challenge. If you don’t have an armor or weapon focus, you can choose to take a priest instead. Both of these classes have CHA saves, making them great options for tanks. But you need to know which builds are best for you.

She has a large bastard sword

The Pathfinder Kingmaker Amiri Build has a large basard sword. He uses it to deal 2d6 damage to his enemies. His sword is the large bastard sword from the Amiri family. It has attributes of DR 5/piercing, Beguiling, and Venomous. The sword can be found at Armag’s Tomb and is obtained as a drop from Avinash Jurrg.

Amiri is a fierce tribal warrior from the north. He escaped his chauvinistic tribe to escape its traditional ways. Amiri carries an oversize bastard sword that he won in a suicide mission. His attacks rely on Strength and sheer size of the blade. However, his sword size means that his attacks are less accurate. As a result, Amiri uses a Power Attack instead of the normal attack.

Amiri’s large bastard sword has many advantages. First of all, it’s one of the most powerful weapons in the game. Its power is incredible, and it’s the best weapon for an Eldritch Knight. It can also be used to cast many spells. The sword also has a high Vital Strike rate. As an added bonus, it’s possible to get a +2 shocking frost heavy mace from an artisan during Troll Trouble. Moreover, it gives +6 Charisma to the user.

The bastard sword is an exotic weapon, meaning that it’s too long to be used with one hand without training or special equipment. It’s a two-handed weapon, but can be used one-handed if you have exotic proficiency. You may also want to consider a splatbook to get more information about the bastard sword. But make sure you know the basics first.

She has athletics

In Pathfinder: Kingmaker, Amiri is a chaotic human barbarian. Those who know her well will recognize her as the iconic chaotic neutral human barbarian. Regardless of whether you’re playing her for combat or for her athletics, you should make sure you get her the most appropriate class feats. In this article, I’ll briefly discuss Amiri’s various feats.

She has knowledge of nature

Amiri is a pathfinder kin-maker with knowledge of nature. One day, she was searching for a fallen frost giant. She came across the giant’s corpse at the foot of a cliff, where he had fallen to his death a few weeks earlier. The giant had a massive bastard sword, which Amiri needed to prove that she hadn’t killed him.

The Realm of the Mammoth Lords is a harsh land ruled by vicious Kellid barbarians. Amiri was raised by a tribe of Six Bears, who valued women as resources. Amiri is the only pathfinder who possesses knowledge of nature. While most pathfinders are suited for the land, Amiri has a deep understanding of nature and a plethora of knowledge of nature.

Although Amiri gains all skills as a Class Skill, her Dexterity is low. As a result, she can’t dip into Monk to improve her spell defense. Her low Charisma and Intelligence make her a poor choice for combat, and her starting Strength isn’t particularly high. She must use other methods to stay out of combat and maximize her abilities.

She uses arcane strike instead of lingering

One way to make your Amiri more powerful is to use her spell Arcane Strike instead of Lingering. This spell has a very low cooldown and can also be used by a Bard, a class with a lot of benefits. In Pathfinder Kingmaker Amiri Build, a Bard can be multiclassed into a Dragon Disciple. Bards are the best support class and are incredibly useful in any party setup. While Linzi may not be the best damage dealer, her support skills make up for her lack of damage.

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