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Bodak 5e – Dungeons and Dragons (D&D 5E)

Bodak 5e

Who is Bodak 5e?

The Bodak is a CR 6 undead animal, impervious to toxic substances, lightning, and drawing or terrified. It’s insusceptible to discharge, cold, and necrotic injury, as well as actual damage from non-magical weapons. It is capable of Perception and Stealth, has 120 feet of dim vision, and is very touchy to daylight.

Along these lines it’s only nighttime and underground. The actual capacities of the creature are reliably great, and its Wisdom, as well as Charisma, are better than normal. Be that as it may, its insight is low, and that implies its conduct is mechanical and over the top.

It’s a scuffle that is an unarmed assault. Be that as it may, its genuine strength lies from the mix of its unmistakable qualities: Aura of Annihilation, Death Gaze, and Withering Gaze. Demise Gaze and Aura of Annihilation, explicitly, are a very hazardous mix. Demise Gaze is a staggering assault toward the beginning of a player’s turn. The atmosphere of Annihilation happens after it.

What can Bodak do?

In DnD 5e, Bodaks have a really wide scope of things they can do. They have their Aura of Annihilation, their Death Gaze, and their Attacks. They additionally have good obstruction and vulnerabilities.

Death gaze

Death Gaze requires those inside 30 feet of it who can see the bodak’s bruised eyes that are not apparent to make a DC 13 Constitution saving toss or experience 3d10 harm to their clairvoyants.

Assuming the player bombs the save by in excess of 5 places, the individual tumbles to the ground dead right now except if the individual is unaffected by being terrified. That can be forestalled by covering the eyes, however this awards advantage on endeavours to take on the Bodak.

Aura of Annihilation

Aura of Annihilation is a “flip” highlight that can be turned off or on as a little something extra activity; nonetheless, there’s not a great explanation to permit it not to be actuated as a default include, nor is there any motivation to turn it off.

Assuming it’s turned on, it implies that any animal (beside savages and undead) found at least 30 feet from the Bodak after their turn is finished (the animal’s turn and not that of the bodak’s) is hit with 5 HP of necrotic harm. Additionally, essentially being close to the Bodak is unhealthy.

The two impacts occur in both the adversary’s turns and don’t happen in the bodak’s. Therefore, the Bodak can continually be taking harm in any event, while it’s making no move.

In its turn, it is furnished with Withering Gaze, a capacity that arrangements with necrotic harm that is 4d10 for a fruitless DC 13 Constitution save, a large portion of that sum if effective very substantially more than its unarmed assault, which is simply 1d4 + 2 cudgeling and 2d8 necrotic.

As a general rule, the sole justification for the Bodak to use its clench hands is in the event that it can’t see its adversaries. E.g., assuming someone has delivered the dim spell that even darkvision can’t enter or in any event, when they’re undetectable.

How to battle a Bodak 5e?

With this variety of attributes, the bodak’s technique to battle is basically, “Come at me, brother.” Fighting a Bodak resembles battling flames, and you should extinguish the blazes, yet do this before you are signed to death.

Each adversary who comes in to bring it down should go through the test of endurance that is its Withering Gaze, Death Gaze, and Aura of Annihilation.

Being in a situation to recognize each rival is a higher priority than some other part of the position. A Bodak, for instance, is holed into a dim cave to watch out for all path(s) of movement. For that reason it may even set itself against dividers to guarantee that no one can sneak behind it.

Furthermore, any approach(es) to the sanctuary of the monster might be adequately huge to permit section through with a solitary record.

As far as target choice, Certain adversaries are more noticeable in the rundown of targets, for example, paladins and priests who can switch off or obliterate undead; savages with The Mindless Rage include (which awards insusceptibility to fear), as well as anybody with the capacity to utilize wizardry weapons or weapon that arrangements with thunder, corrosive, power or clairvoyant harm.

It focuses its Withering look on the most perilous foes; it’s viewed as deft when nobody can meet the standards.

A Bodak won’t escape until it is turned. While the turning stops, it will be right back. The impulse that kills it is strong and won’t be hindered by any mishap that isn’t adequately serious to kill it. Put it inside a casket, however, it will in any case have the quality of harm happen.

The players will understand it’s an abhorrent sign or reviles. In any case, it will spring up during the course of critical thinking.

Be that as it may, Bodaks don’t continuously stay in their houses. They may, for instance, investigate the field to track down their casualties (the flavour text joins them in with Demon Lord Orcus and depicts them as specialists of his wrathful plans; nonetheless, I accept they’re more dandy as threatening scares who routinely go after individuals living in a close-by town).

Dungeons and Dragons

Assuming a Bodak is experienced outside its home, can Dash (activity) into its home, in the event that that is feasible to help the upside of diverting its adversaries through an exemplified move. (This isn’t momentary, it’s a strategic retreat.) If it cannot do that, it will continue on the war zone so it has the best perspective on its foes and has minimal chance of being outmanoeuvred.

The multitude won’t ever be forgotten about in the skies that are open enough until dawn to be caught in the sun’s rising. It will constantly get back to its habitation sooner than that. Probably the most shrewd characters in the game could be holding on to see it once it is back.

What is Bodak 5e and what are the detail blocks?

Bodak is a Medium undead, turbulent insidiousness

Defensive layer Class 15 (normal protection)

Hit Points 58 (9d8+18)

Speed 30 ft.

STR: 15 (+2)

DEX: 16 (+3)

CON: 15 (+2)

INT: 7 (- 2)

WIS :12 (+1)

CHA: 12 (+1)

Abilities: Perception +4, Stealth +6

Harm Resistances: cold, fire, necrotic; pummeling, penetrating, and cutting from nonmagical assaults

Harm Immunities: lightning, poison

Condition Immunities: enchanted, terrified, harmed

Faculties: darkvision 120 ft.

Dialects: Abyssal, the dialects it knew throughout everyday life

Challenge: 6 (2,300 XP)

The emanation of Annihilation. The Bodak can actuate or deactivate this component as a little extra activity. While dynamic, the atmosphere bargains 5 necrotic harm to any animal that finishes its chance inside 30 feet of the Bodak. Undead and rascals disregard this impact.

Demise Gaze. At the point when an animal that can see the Bodak’s eyes begins its chance inside 30 feet of the Bodak, the Bodak can compel it to make a DC 13 Constitution saving toss on the off chance that the Bodak isn’t weakened and can see the animal.

Assuming the saving toss fizzles by at least 5, the animal is decreased to 0 hit directly except if safe toward the scared condition. In any case, an animal takes 16 (3d10) clairvoyant harm on a bombed save.

Except if astonished, an animal can deflect its eyes to stay away from the saving toss toward the beginning of its turn. Assume the animal does as such. It has a burden on assault rolls against the Bodak until the beginning of its next turn. Assuming that the animal ganders at the Bodak meanwhile, it should promptly make the saving toss.

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Daylight Hypersensitivity. The Bodak takes 5 brilliant hazards when it begins its chance in daylight. While in daylight, it has a weakness on assault rolls and capacity checks.


Bodak 5e

Clench hand: Melee Weapon Attack: +5 to hit, arrive at 5 ft., one objective. Hit: 4 (1d4+2) clubbing harm in addition to 9 (2d8) necrotic harm.

Shriveling Gaze: One animal that the Bodak 5e can see inside 60 feet of it should make a DC 13 Constitution saving toss, taking 22 (4d10) necrotic harm on a bombed save or half as much harm on a fruitful one.

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